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My name is Bailey, I'm 17 and live in Australia.

I like to scream TIVA at random intervals. I love Harry Potter, NCIS, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Warbreaker, Game of Thrones, Merlin and Supernatural and Also a Night Vale Citizen. Starting the Mistborn Series shortly!

Will you be the Fili to my Kili?
The Bilbo to my Thorin?
The Bifur to my Bofur
and the Food to my Bombur?

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one of the servers at the restaurant i work at received this as their “tip” today. she came into the break room and began to sob, because servers get paid so little and they are completely dependent upon the tips that they make a living. servers make, usually, 2.35 an hour plus tips. leaving this for someone is cruel and unfair. leaving this for someone doesn’t make them a better person, it makes them unable to pay for their rent. DO NOT TIP YOUR SERVERS WITH ANYTHING LIKE THIS. IT IS EXTREMELY HARMFUL. 

wtf? Why isn’t their boss paying them?!

Depressingly in the US, servers are exempt from Minimum Wage laws so it seems, which allows the to be paid less, as the assumption is that they will be tipped.  This is a horrible system that leaves honest, hard working people at the mercy of others to even survive.

I used to host and cook at a restaurant and one day a group came in and used our party room. Their bill was almost $300 and they didn’t leave a tip at all. 

When we realized what happened it was too late and the girl who was serving them literally sat on the floor and started to cry. She was a second year college student who had 3 jobs and still had trouble paying her bills.


God shit like this is disgusting :/ I tip as much as I can, whenever I can. And if I honestly cannot afford the 20%, I at least try my hardest to let my server know how much I appreciate the hard work. I’ve even drawn for them before.

I remember one time, my friends and I went out to eat. At the end of our meal, my friend/sister’s boyfriend tipped the waiter $50. We watched as he took the tip (wide eyed of course), went to talk to his manager, came back to look at us, and went back to the manager again. Only to come back a second time, nearly on his knees to thank us. If that doesn’t say a lot, I don’t know what does.

I will yell at you until you cry if you ever pull crap like this in front of me

Seriously. Tip the servers. They bust their ass.

if i ever see a table not tip well, i do my best to leave a tip for the server at that table as well as my own table. if i cannot afford at least a 20% tip, in most cases, i won’t go out at all. i “over tip” according to a lot of people, and i still feel like i under tip personally because service industries that rely on tips are bullshit and no one should have to put up with that. i work retail, and i have worked food service, and neither is good for your self esteem or your wallet.

people, treat your servers nicely at the very least. they are doing you favors, and often times, they have to put up with shit like this all day.


God servers in Canada get paid (around) minimum and I still feel the need to over tip, those people are dealing with a bunch of hungry people and served me a damn fine meal they should be paid well.

The flying fuck?


Literally the only reason I don’t leave a tip on the rare occasion I buy myself a meal at a diner or something is because I’m a poor teenager who cant get a job. And even then I feel bad for it and apologize. Really people, tip your servers its the right thing to do

I find this so sad :( being an Australian it really makes me sad to know that while the US is the ‘free’ country they get paid so little. Come to Australia guys minimum wage is around $20 I’m nearly 17yrs old and I get paid $12 and hour and $17 on Sundays. While we don’t get tipped and materials over here are more expensive (a chocolate bar costs $2.50) we still earn enough to get groceries and pay for bills and sharing a house is even better. I feel so sorry for you all come to Australia my poor friends :’)

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